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I was watching American Idol tonight and once again, I heard the music in the background of the IKEA ad. I’ve heard this fave tune of mine every week in the AI show. IKEA selected a music track called “Home” for their current TV advertising in Canada. The ad focuses on the family home, which IKEA wants to furnish, of course. “Home” is the perfect song for their sales pitch. I am very familiar with this song, and recognized it the first time I saw the ad, even though only a brief portion of the song was aired (for somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds, I would think.)

The song “Home” was featured in a one-hour music video called Big Easy Express. The video chronicles the train journey of three bands, during the course of one week several years ago. They were playing and singing on a chartered train, traversing the American southwest. The three bands in this one-week tour by train were: Mumford and Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It was the music of the latter band that drew me to the music video. I had happened to see the band on Letterman, and really liked the tune (yes, they were playing Home) and so went looking for them online. I bought the video, and have played it numerous times. It looks great on my iPad, and I never get tired of the music. The movie (about one hour long) is very entertaining, and I felt it was really worth the modest price to download it from iTunes. I have enjoyed watching it on my tablet and singing along a little with the bands! This film won at least one award, maybe two. It will make you smile.




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Clay Aiken’s tweet today. Click on the link, go look, and enjoy.

Oh what a difference 10 years makes! Ten years ago this day:


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