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Author: Lisa See

Historical fiction, set in 19th century China, in a remote province where old ways are adhered to most rigidly. This moving story of the life-long friendship between two girls who are “old sames” is also a story of cultural mores long left behind as the 20th C took over. Footbinding figures very strongly in the story, as does the abiding friendship of women. Also much in evidence is the arrangement of marriages by brokers (who are women) and the roles of women in this almost medieval culture. This is truly a window into a long-ago world, and a story of true heart-felt love between the two women, Lily and her ‘old same,’ Snow Flower. Their match (a sisterhood, if you like) lasts their lifetime. Really enjoyable read that transported me to an other world.

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Vacation photos, 2012

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Finished reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” by EL James, last night. Can’t think of anyone I would recommend this book to. I don’t know what I expected from this book (I had some stupid notion that vampires were going to be in it, but no–not true.) The publisher calls this book “erotic romance.” It’s just not that romantic, in my humble opinion (IMHO.) Very little wooing or “making love.” But there sure is a lot of f***ing.

I’d class it as so-so “erotica for women,” and I was quite bored with it by the last half (I didn’t care where they did the deed next) but I soldiered on to the end. In the last couple of chapters I was “skip reading.” Needless to say, I won’t be buying any of its sequels. On a positive note, I thought that the author created realistic characters, and the dialog was well done. But neither is what is selling the book…heh. I recommend you take a pass on this book, even though it is riding high on the best-seller lists. (There is no accounting for taste.)

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