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Cottage photos, August 2013

Cottage photos, August 2013.

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A cool but fun week in August. Miss Lily, Anne, ML and I had a great time.
Lily was so happy, especially because she had some playmates for the week. We had three dogs with us: Anne’s two pugs and my dog Spike.
One shot here is of the lock at Port Severn (part of the Trent-Severn waterway.)
Other photos are of the lake (Huron) and water activities. The sunsets are wonderful at this location.
The cottage faces west, but there is a small barrier island opposite the cottage, and the sun sets behind that.
It’s always beautiful!


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Vacation’s end

Our last day of vacation has been the best day of the week. It’s been a warm sunny August day, just perfect. Anne and Lily were invited to go on a boat trip to a great swimming beach, for the second time this week, so they were gone all afternoon. ML and I took the opportunity to go out for lunch together, and enjoyed our meal at a cafe overlooking the water. Still sad that the Delawana Inn is in receivership and is closed down. Its heyday is long over. I think more than 40 people are out of work.
We relaxed all afternoon enjoying this perfect August day while Anne and Lily were off on their boat trip. Plus I was looking after the 3 dogs.
We all went out to dinner at a local restaurant to mark the end of our holiday, and we send thanks to our fairy godfather (DS) who treated us to this dinner. We all had seafood: grouper with shrimp, and it was delicious. Our last evening here has been marked by another gorgeous sunset. It’s been a lovely week, and I am totally ready to go home!


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Nasty weather

August 13, 2013

It’s a chilly and nasty day in cottage country. A cold and very grey morning drove us into town for a little shopping and some lunch. The rain started as we were eating, and has been on and off ever since. It feels like mid-October!
Visited Giant Tiger and bought some stuff there. Anne and Lily decided to join some friends from the cottage at a matinee movie at the Midland cinema. ML and I made it back to the cottage by 4pm, and I let the dogs out for a pee break. Now it’s nap time and Anne and Lily are unlikely to return before 6:30 pm- if then. They could easily wind up having a fast food dinner in Midland before returning to the cottage. Too cloudy/rainy to see any meteor shower tonight. It sure is cold here this afternoon and will be much colder tonight. Brrr- it’s late October in August!

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It’s Day 2 of our family vacation at the cottage resort. This is the 6th year I have rented this same cottage. Lily was a baby when we first came here!

One of the things I love about this cottage is that it faces due west. Our windows look out over an inlet near Honey Harbour. We get beautiful sunsets every night. As the evening wears on, various cottagers start up their campfires in the firepits that dot the property. Don’t you love the scent of a good campfire?

We are sad this year that a local lodge has gone into receivership. In all our previous summers here, we have enjoyed a fun lunch out at that lodge. It is old, probably 80 years, and I think the folks who could have afforded its pricey rooms have moved on to swankier places. I always enjoyed visiting the lodge’s gift shop, which was stocked with sportswear as well as gifts, games, cards, and other touristy stuff. We drove by today, and it was sad to see the place looking unloved and unoccupied.
However,Miss Lily is having a ball with the other vacationing kids here, and they race around the property with glee.
If it rains, the kids collapse in front of the TV and silence reigns.

We look forward to this holiday partly for the food. The village market stocks freshly picked local corn, and we buy it daily for our cottage dinners. Along with local tomatoes, and freshly baked cheese bread from the village bakery, we sure do eat well!

Each summer holiday here we try to do a day trip to a place we have never been. In our first year here, we tripped to the Big Chute Marine Railway.
(google that for pix) It was fascinating to see large yachts being raised up a whole level. This is a part of the Trent Severn waterway, which boaters use to get from Lake Huron to Lake Ontario, without going the long way via Lake St Clair, Lake Erie, and the Welland Canal.
In other summers we have visited small towns that dot this part of Huronia, and have enjoyed their local shops and restaurants.
Tonight is a clear night and we are hoping to see some shooting stars, as it is the first night of the Perseid Meteor shower. I’ll let you know next time if we have had any success!

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