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The Day after Boxing Day

Thank you, flu– you have given us a Christmas week that will go down in infamy in our family’s history. Anne is in the hospital, the flu bug having given her cardiac problems. She was admitted to the cardiac ward last night. ML is home, sick as a dog with flu (too sick to go keep her sister company, that’s how sick.) She sounds terrible on the phone, and is running a fever. Soonest she will get back to work will be next week.  I am holed up, also sick as a dog, with a bad head cold. Presumably we all have different manifestations of the same ‘bug.’ Lily has been with her dad for the last three days, and thank God that he has been able to care for her on his days off. Here’s hoping that the new year starts us off on a better footing!

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Christmas Eve, 2012

ornamentsChristmas Eve: Well, it’s a good thing we are all flexible here. Lily brought home a ‘bug’ from school last week. Anne called it a ‘cold.’ First Lily got sick, and now Anne is as sick as a dog. It’s a nasty virus, and she’s running a fever (over 102F) all day yesterday and today. ML had to look after Lily yesterday and most of today. Anne’s in bed with her fever, and will no longer be hosting Christmas brunch- there will be no family brunch this year. I tried to book us into the residence’s dining room for lunch on Christmas Day, but all places are fully booked – no hope there. So we (Anne, Lily, ML, and me) are having our Christmas Eve supper (with our traditional Christmas casserole) tonight, at ML’s place. We’ll exchange our gifts there after supper. Tomorrow we will not see each other until we gather at  Maggie and Peter’s at dinner time. It will be weird not having breakfast together on Christmas Day, but it is more important for the ‘sickies’ to lie low and try to shake off the bug.

To all my readers (all ‘8’ of you, maybe)  I wish a very Merry Christmas!

Edited to add: This is my 100th post in my blog! Yay!

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Cats with thumbs: the world would be so different

Cats with thumbs, the world would be so different.

This is your morning smile, hee.

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Christmas dinner

I took a few pix at our Christmas dinner tonight. Here’s a link. Hope it works.

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Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, and The Roots

Just fun to watch!



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On the Boardwalk

We make this family recipe only once a year, for Christmas.
Cookies are rich, “short” and delicious!

2012: Alas, I can’t make them this year (no oven!) but if I am lucky, a daughter will make them.



1 lb of butter
⅓ cup of lard
1¼ cup fruit or white sugar
about 4 cups of bread (regular) flour
¾ cup rice flour

Cream softened butter and lard (do not use food processor; but a mixmaster is OK; I prefer to mix by hand)
Add sugar gradually
Add mixed flour
Mix and knead as bread
Roll out ⅓ ” thick
Cut with cookie cutters (bells, Christmas trees, wreaths) and decorate (coloured sugar, silver balls known as dragées or dragoons)
Bake at 350F for 8-10 minutes until very pale yellow.

Then hide them, or they will grow legs and walk away (two-legged “mice” in the cookie tin)

– –…

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