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This has been published online, but is so many pages back in each location that I’d never find it again.
I wrote it on my laptop, and saved it onto my flash drive (aka ‘thumb drive.’)Took the flash drive to the Honey Harbour Library (thanks to the Georgian Bay Public Library System, which even has wifi), plugged it into a USB port on a library public access computer, and uploaded it to one of my favorite online hangouts. That was last Sunday, Aug. 8.
This was really written for other fans to read, and emphasizes the things they want to know (e.g. what was he wearing? what was the hair like? [looks different every day, lol]
By the way, Jerome is Clay’s bodyguard when he’s on tour. Has been with Clay almost every time he has toured. He’s a huge black man with the temperament of a teddy bear, until he has to go into action. Jerome’s a former NFL linesman and looks every inch of that.

Recap of my Windsor Meet and Greet – August 5, 2010.

I was a lucky fan club winner of a ‘Meet and Greet’ before the Timeless Tour concert at Caesars Windsor.

Jerome was sick, so Clay’s assistant Cheryl met with the 5 of us (We were the 5 winners of the fan club contest.) So sorry to miss seeing Jerome. We were led by Cheryl and venue security via elevator down underground and through passages to the “backstage” area past a “performers” refreshment stand, and behind a black curtain to a sectioned-off area of a room. I think we might have actually been under the stage.There was a round table, and opposite it, 5 chairs in a line for the winners. I was the first in line to enter the room and opted to sit down on the first chair, right end of the line when Clay was looking at us. Cheryl went to get Clay and a couple of security stayed with us. In 2-3 minutes Cheryl was back, and Clay entered with a big smile on his face. He’s very tall (6’1″) and now at almost age 32 is filled out, broad shoulders, great body! He’s also a male clothes horse when dressed up.
He was wearing blue jeans, a  long-sleeved grey t-shirt with a polo shirt (blue  stripes) over it. Beige sneakers with no laces and no sox. Hair appeared to be freshly washed and only very slightly spiked. He looked young, clean, fresh, glowing with health and happiness. Just REAL. Indescribably gorgeous.

He asked us how we were doing, and then went down the line, asking our names. Repeated each person’s name back to them, and made note of the fact that the first three names began with L and the last two with B. When greeted and asked my name, I stood up to shake hands and was immediately told by Clay that no one need stand up. Ooops…. faux pas. So I sat down!

Then he went down the line and asked each one where she was from. This was all very casual; just friends talking together.
Next, he sat down at the table and began signing autographs, one person at a time and told us we could ask our questions while he signed.

It all proceeded very easily, no “star power trip” going on. Felt like we were talking with a friend. It was all just a casual conversation, and nothing fake about. He is swift with the funny retorts. Great sense of humor, which we have always known.

I managed to sneak in 3 questions (my bad.) My official “autograph signing” question was, ‘Is the “Tried and True Tour” going to come anywhere near Toronto?’
He frowned (knowing it wasn’t) and looked to his posse to see the answer (how close he WILL get) and the answer was: Boston is the closest to Toronto that he will get. (Ed note: in fact, Cleveland is on his February schedule and it is a lot closer than Boston.)
Later, in a brief lull, I asked the question from the Clackhouse: “Would you consider setting up a kissing booth to make money for your charity?” and he laughed (it was an entertaining question) and the swift retort was along the lines of, “No, but if you gals set one up, I’ll be there!” (and he was rather pleased with his joke; he meant that he would be kissing the fan girls) Too cute. (Ed note: ‘Philly’ posed this question during the tour after the first night that Clay kissed Casey, the backup singer.)

At the end, as he was preparing to leave and no one was talking, I asked him if I could ask another question and the answer was “Sure.”  I said, “We love you with Jimmy Kimmel. Any chance you’ll be there soon?” The answer was swift and predictable:  “I don’t plan these things; they just happen.”

After the signing, it was picture-taking time. I got the “prom pose,” complete with the firm arm around the waist. He feels very solid.
Then each winner got a good solid hug. Yum. Loved it.
And with a big smile and thanks, he was gone.
It was wonderful; I was on cloud nine. I love him.
My photo with Clay was taken by his staff, as were all the pictures in all the M and G’s.
We were told that the photos would be emailed out in groups (M and G groups, that is) , and we would just pick out our own photos from the group.

My photo has not yet arrived, but the performers have been on the road with few breaks. Because the tour ended last night, our photos with Clay should show up this coming week. When my photo arrives, I might even post it in this recap.

Aug 17: and here is the photo:

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