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RCAF Station St Hubert was a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) base in the Montreal area. It became part of CFB Montreal upon the unification of the Canadian Forces in 1968. In its heyday as an operational Air Force Station, it was host to two CF 100 All Weather Fighter Squadrons, and two Air Force Reserve Sabre squadrons, in addition to being the host station to RCAF Air Defence Command Headquarters. The building later served as the Mobile Command Headquarters site until the base was decommissioned by the Canadian Forces in the mid 1990s. The airport remains in use as Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport.

I was in the RCAF Reserves during the time that I was a university student. I spent my second RCAF summer (1956) stationed at St Hubert, Quebec, where I enjoyed easy access to downtown Montreal (as well as my military duties, of course!) I wrote the following in another blog post, My Military Career, Pt 2

“As my exams ended, the air force came though with my summer posting. I was sent to Quebec! My good friend Judy W., who was a lifelong friend of mine, and had gone through basic training with me, was also sent to the same station. How lucky could we get? On an early June evening, we boarded a train to Montreal, and the next day arrived at our summer posting, the RCAF’s Combat Operations Centre, at St. Hubert, Quebec. The COC was the heart and soul of Air Defence Command. The base itself, located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, across from Montreal, was also an active flying base. The jets were CF100 fighters, and our barracks were very close to the flight line. We soon become accustomed to the sound of jets taking off and landing (they were deafening!) and eventually could sleep through anything. The base post office, a tiny shack, was located right beside the flight line, and to get one’s mail, one had to go to the edge of the flight line, no matter if the planes were taking off, and the decibel level was off the scale. It was kind of thrilling. We never thought about the permanent damage that probably was occurring in our ears.”

~ You can read more about my ‘military career’ by searching my blog using the search term “military” (without the quotation marks, of course.) Today’s post was triggered by reading a reference to St Hubert online.

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The Don Valley has come to life and the birds are singing. The robin that sings in the maple tree out front has made her nest in the concrete overhang at the front door of #10. The downy woodpeckers are visiting the bird feeder every day, but with great enthusiasm, the squirrels are helping daily to empty the feeders. Methinks all of them are raising new families. I keep restocking the food every morning.

The trilliums are in bloom, yay! They are always a delight to see. These are just over the fence, right outside our back door. They love the woods that come right up to the fence. We have to enjoy them while they last.

Trilliums 2

Trilliums 1

New life is seen everywhere. I thought these leaves were beautiful, even tho I have no clue what the plant is. Anyone? Bueller?

one leaf









Spring has also sprung inside the house. Yesterday we had a delightful spring fashion show. All the models were residents of the house. The gentlemen of the house enjoyed watching the show as much as the ladies did. The clothing was so great that each of the models wound up buying the pieces of the outfit that she modelled.
There were also lots of suggestions for sprucing up an existing spring wardrobe by using new scarves, jewellery, and accent pieces.
Also note that I was not the only resident taking photos. It was an entertaining afternoon.


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