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by PD James

Knopf Canada
291 pp

The fact that I took five weeks to finish reading this book tells you how little engaged I was with this story.

I really wanted to love it, but I didn’t get past “sort of liking it.”

“The year is 1803, and Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for six years.
There are now two handsome healthy sons in the Pemberley nursery.” (a quote from the front flap)
Interesting that PD James barely mentions the sons.  I will admit that James has done a good job of emulating the voice of Jane Austen. But the murder mystery (not a genre I have ever loved) is the focus of this book. I just didn’t care enough about the man who got himself murdered in the woods at Pemberley and his death seems not to have affected the locals all that much.
Buy this book if you are a PD James fan and can’t wait for her latest mystery.
If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice, you’d be better off saving your money and re-reading P and P! (which, by the way, is available in a digital version for free in several places on the internet–try Kobo or Kindle)
This book gets a 7/10 on my personal enjoyment scale.

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The Mid-winter Blues

As most of my readers know (that’s all 8 of you, heh) I am no longer living in my condo near the boardwalk in south-east Toronto. You have read already in this blog that I have had to move out of The Beach to a residence in the middle of the city. I like it here, but it sure isn’t The Beach.  I am comfortable in my rooms, but right now we are going through a very tough time. Almost 2 weeks ago a virus of some kind got loose in this residence, and within the first 24 hours after it started to make people sick, this residence went into “lock down” mode.

Visitors have been discouraged, and those who did come were required to visit in a resident’s room (as opposed to visiting with us in one of the lounges.) No guests have been able to take a meal with us. Every activity offered in this house has been suspended until further notice. So boring! The days are long, when our usual morning coffee and afternoon tea times are withdrawn as well as the programs. Those of us who did not get sick have really had the mid-winter blues. We are missing our activities and programs. For 2 weeks now, we have gathered together only to take meals and then have retreated to our rooms. It’s a lonely time. No one on the staff is able to tell us when the regular programs will be restored.

Today, there is a glimmer of hope. There is a new notice posted in the elevators this morning, announcing that there will be a Superbowl party on Sunday night, Feb. 5th. Assuming the recreation director goes ahead with this plan, I think there will be a great turnout for the Superbowl party (with the game to be shown on our big-screen TV in the Activity Room) just because it will be the first house activity in 2 weeks (and not forgetting that they are promising us refreshments!) While quite a few of us have no interest in the Superbowl, a party to celebrate same should be very popular. Bring on the game and the party!

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