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Enjoying lunch, Dec.22

Enjoying lunch, Dec.22

This tree  made it through the ice storm.

This tree made it through the ice storm.

It’s Crazyville here in our seniors’ residence. The ice storm (it’s still a frozen landscape out there) has T.O. held captive since Saturday Dec. 21. Revera Leaside is now the temporary home of a whole gang of seniors (30 to 40 of them) from the “Revera Annex” residence, which is located in the ‘west of Yonge St.’ area. It has no power, and its residents are parked here to be fed and kept warm until their power is restored. Toronto city admin sez maybe everyone will have power by Christmas Day, but they are not making promises. I think it unlikely. There are just too many trees down, having taken down the hydro wires with them. Revera Leaside’s power is delivered by buried wires, so we have not had a power outage during the storm.

Try to imagine being very old (80 to 100), being told to pack a plastic bag with your overnight stuff, and then being transported to a totally unfamiliar residence (here) where most of your crowd has to sleep on air mattresses on the floor in the basement Activity Room. That is what has happened to the folks from the Revera Annex residence. Today they are wandering our house like lost sheep. They are disoriented, and many of them were already mixed up before they ever left home. For the residents here who are still “with it,” the only evasive action one can take is to retreat to one’s room. I went to lunch and came straight back to my room. It is fortunate for these poor souls who are out of their home that Revera had room for them here, no matter how basic the accommodation has been for them. Biggest problem for all of us is the fact that more than double the number of people are using the elevators. Long waits to get one, and when it arrives, it is crammed with walkers and/or wheelchairs. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. But not today. Probably not even tomorrow…and Christmas Day is a big question mark at this point.
I tried to make a reservation here for Christmas dinner, because the family doubts they will be able to shop between now and store closings on Christmas Eve. And even if they could shop, they are both without power, and therefore have no refrigeration to keep food for 24 to 48 hours. Alas, Christmas dinner here is fully booked. I was told, “Sorry, we are sold out” when I tried this morning to book Christmas dinner, just in case we need a Plan B. So that did not work out at all. Stay tuned.

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