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Bob Lefsetz today, writing about Yahoo:

“I used to use your news page as my homepage, but now it’s filled with advertising, you’re winning, but I’m losing. But not for long. This is how you lose me.”

My sentiments exactly! As usual, Lefsetz gets it right.

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Dear Yahoo,

I’ve been going steady with you for a long time. Maybe ten years? Not sure – maybe even more. But like an unfaithful partner, you have driven me away.  It’s the advertising that killed our relationship. There must have been a better way for you to monetize your product. But I just could not stand the clutter on the screen – advertising here, there, everywhere. Enough. I have transferred my affection to Google, and I think i might even enjoy this new relationship. I’ll miss you, Yahoo, because you were user-friendly and you met all my needs for surfing the net. I’m looking forward to my new relationship with Google. I hope it stays user-friendly and that I will enjoy using it. I wish you luck, Yahoo, but I think there will be plenty of users like me, who go looking for a better alternative. Bye bye!

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