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Clay Aiken’s tweet today. Click on the link, go look, and enjoy.

Oh what a difference 10 years makes! Ten years ago this day:


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The above link is to the front page of the online version of the Toronto Star, tonight, Fri. April 12.
Story and video are by my sister. The music is self explanatory, I think. 🙂
I hope you enjoy the video. Comments welcome here.

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I stole this photo…

…from the Lakeland cam (google it!) in England….

A new version of 'skinny dipping'

A new version of ‘skinny dipping’

So funny I had to share it.

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What Spring?

So much for spring! April 2nd, and the air temp is sitting right on the freezing point (32F or 0C) There’s a howling cold wind out of the north, and outside is not a nice place to be. With the wind chill, the temp is down around -10C.
It’s actually snowing hard right now outside my window. The squirrels were raiding my bird feeders while I was watching from inside in the comfort of the dining room. Poor squirrels are as hungry as the birds, and I don’t begrudge them one mouthful of birdseed. They also love the suet cake.

Waited for spring to deal with my dead car, and today was the day I arranged for it to be towed to the dealer’s service department. Of course, I had to go outside (having failed to dress warmly enough) to talk to the tow-truck driver and to give him the car key (for the dealer.) Just freezing cold out there; felt like February. As I type this, the major snow squall that’s going on outside my window is usually described on the weather newscast as “lake effect snow,” meaning that it is all the fault of Lake Ontario. Personally, I blame it on the weather gods, who are most definitely not on our side this year. Hope the green plants (tulips or daffs, not sure which) by our front door don’t succumb to today’s big freeze!

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