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This afternoon I started reading the first of my great big new books, the biography of Steve Jobs. It’s well-written and engrossing.
The author started the book several years ago, and this book had the blessing of Jobs. He submitted to many interviews.
The book was started probably before his cancer diagnosis, and it’s only a fluke (sort of) that the book was published just about the time he was in his final days.
What I like about the book is that not only being SJ’s story, this book is also a story about the personal computer revolution.
Since I lived through and participated in (by buying computers) the revolution, starting in 1981, reading the book is like a walk through time!

This book is available only in hard cover, and it’s huge – over 650 pages. You have been warned!

I found the most comfortable way to read it is by lying on the couch, with the book propped against my knees!

So far, an excellent read.

Photo credit: Alessandra Montalto/The New York Times

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Christmas letter

Hello family and friends,
Our dearest Lily is now 5 years old and in senior kindergarten.
This photo was taken in August on the first day of our vacation at Georgian Bay, on Lake Huron. Lily couldn’t wait to get in the lake! I was lucky to get that holiday in before I became so sick at the end of August. (55 straight days in hospitals!) Having dodged the Grim Reaper yet again, I am treasuring every day. And daily I bless my children, Anne and Mary Louise, for the amazing help they have given me this year.

While I was sick, using her Power of Attorney (which I signed back around 2004), ML, on my instruction, sold my condo (in 3 days flat) and furthermore, it sold for 30% over the asking price. Lucky me – it was a great investment!
Then ML and Anne went out and found me a good place to live. My two daughters and my sister Maggie then moved my possessions and set up my new digs for me, so that all was ready when I was finally discharged from rehab. I now reside in a seniors’ residence (not a care centre.)  My windows look out into the trees of a beautiful valley. And I am back in the neighbourhood where I grew up.

I think I am the youngest person in this residence, but there are many oldsters here who are healthier than I am! I have been using a walker, and am now used to being a “handicapped” person. On a good day I can get around on just a cane. How well I feel varies from day to day, and on the bad days, I just go back to bed. But I am getting better. I am glad that I had my 75th birthday party back in May while I was still “healthy.” It was great to celebrate that milestone with family and close friends.

The activities in my residence are many. I especially like that the physiotherapist is just downstairs, and so is the hair salon, the movie theatre, and bingo twice a week.(Yes, I am truly fitting into this community of retirees!) This building used to be called by a different name, but has been renamed, modernized and redecorated . We are well looked after, and I like it here, because it is familiar territory to me.

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