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I sure hope that you, the reader, have access to Turner Classic Movies. In this month leading up to the Oscar telecast, the airwaves are full of classic movies. TCM features movies that have won (any kind of) Oscar nominations in the past. This month is a bonanza for lovers of old movies, and it is not over yet. TCM continues (until the Oscar night itself) to show movies that received Oscar nominations or wins. I have seen just in the past few days a whole bunch of beloved films.
It used to be hard to see these movies as reruns, but 50 years down the line from when they were first exhibited, we can find them on the internet (Netflix!) or on iTunes for a price. Most of them are also available on DVD as well. However, there’s a real sense of fun in getting to see them for free on one’s TV.
Dr Zhivago, one of my all time fave movies, is on TCM tonight, opposite the season finale of Downton Abbey. I just have to go with DA tonight. I need to see what happens!

This weekend some of these following great films have been available on TV in Toronto. I’ve been in 7th heaven for some days – stuck inside during yet more snow falling, with great movies to watch. Some were broadcast before the weekend. But I’ve seen all of them except the ones that TCM skedded after midnight.
Quo Vadis (does not show up here very often)
King Solomon’s Mines First movie I ever fell in love with.Seldom aired on TV.
An American in Paris First musical I ever loved
Singin’ in the Rain Second musical I ever loved
Ben Hur
North By Northwest (aired late last night and I just could not stay awake for it all. Love it.)
I hope some of these show up for you during Oscar month. Keep your eye on TCM (if you can get it) for the rest of the month.
I’m betting a few more good titles will show up before the end of the month.

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smith family photos-1936

smith brothers 1957smith cousins circa 1996?

1. Orchard Beach, 1936

2. Roches Point, 1957

3. High Gwillim, Orchard Beach, probably 1997 or 1998

1. Jean Dumaresq Smith, and her children with their partners

Back row: Dr. Winston Mahon, Alan Smith, Perry Smith, Dumaresq Smith, Jean Dumaresq Smith, Kenneth M. Smith, Ted Bream

Front row: Mabel Huartson Smith, Evelyn Smith Mahon, Charlotte Bissell Smith, Madeline Smith Bream

2. I think this was taken at the Roches Point church: Perry, Dumaresq, and Ken. Dated 1957.

3. Cousins party at High Gwillim, Orchard Beach.Undated but before 1997.

Back Row: David Smith, Peter Smith (deceased), Margaret Bream, Philip Mahon, Adelle Smith Deacon, Elizabeth (Libby) Bream

Front row: Deborah Mahon Hansen, Kathleen Mahon Howe, Elizabeth (Libby) Smith de Vita (deceased)

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A Big Birthday

My sister turned 60 today. I was a teenager when she was born, and I well remember the snowy February day and night of her birth. That day I had a dental appointment after school, and went straight to the dental office after my last class of the afternoon. When I arrived, the dentist’s secretary announced that my father had called her to tell me that he would not be picking me up after my appointment – because he had taken my mother to the hospital. It was snowing hard that afternoon, and I eventually made my way home on the subway and bus. It was 11 p.m. that night when my father called home from the hospital to announce the birth of my baby sister. She had arrived 3 weeks before her due date.

60 roses copyToday was a big birthday for her. She worked an evening shift at her job last night, and arrived home sometime after midnight, when it was already February 11. Her whole family (hubby and 3 adult children) were waiting to greet her, and they had a birthday celebration for an hour or  two. And her gift from her hubby of more than 30 years was (ta da!) 60 red roses for her 60th birthday. She’s a lucky gal to have such a loving husband. I’m posting a photo of just the roses. (I have no permission to post today’s photo of her.) Her hubby was supersmart to photograph her with the roses in front of the hall mirror, making the roses look even more impressive than they are! Since I couldn’t go to see her for her birthday, she came to see me. The scarf I gave her for her birthday by freak luck is the same colour as the new dress she just bought for their trip to the Cannes filmfest in May.

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Snow Day, Pt 2

IMG_0740 - Version 2It’s now been snowing for a little more than 24 hours. Anyone who can stay off the roads is doing so.

My backyard birdies were very active at lunchtime- they will eat just about anything in weather like this.

Papa cardinal was at the feeder while I was eating my lunch. Mama arrived, but left so quickly I didn’t get her picture.

When I took this photo of dad, the bushes around the feeder were full of hungry sparrows. You can see one (almost in silhouette) on the left side of the photo.

Even a crow flew in for lunch. He got much respect from all the others, needless to say.

It was snowing heavily at the time (and still is.)

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Snow Day

What a ghastly afternoon. Decided to go out before the snow storm hit.
Went for gas first, and then to the liquor store. Didn’t want to run out of scotch if I am going to be snowed in for a few days. A line up at the gas station for starters. A few other people had the same idea. Finally got my gas, and paid $20 cash. Now I have half a tank. That’ll do me for a while, since I am not driving that much in the winter.

While I was getting out of the car at the liquor store, my remote car key came apart in my hands. The wind was chilling me as I stood in the parking lot looking at my car key in two parts. I came to my senses, put the two bits in my coat pocket and headed indoors to buy my scotch. Back at the car with my purchase, I could not use the broken remote and had to use the key itself to unlock. Yikes, it was cold in that parking lot, and just as  cold in the car!

Next, off to the mall to get something in the drug store. When I came out, I could not remember where I had parked the car. The wind was howling and the snowstorm was well under way. I did not know where the sam hill the car was. I had failed to check the parking lot coordinates as I usually do. I dunno why. So there I was in the parking lot outside the mall, walking on my cane in the blowing snow and the wind, dizzy as hell (really bad day for dizziness) and no clue where the car was. How could I have been so stupid? I remembered that I had driven all around the mall looking for a “handicapped” parking spot as close to the doors as I could get, but had not found an unoccupied handicapped spot anywhere. I started walking the lot, and by then was feeling stupid, old, and very cold. Suddenly I looked off to my right and there was my car, in a regular spot. (That much I did remember.)  Yay! My white Beetle is not an invisible car, as one of my friends says. A unique car is easy to spot- if one is in the right place at the right time!

By now, it was well after 3 pm and I had missed afternoon tea in the residence. Drat! Once I was parked at home and got inside, I was ready to fold my tent. But I couldn’t collapse until I had taken Spike outside for a pee in the snow (which at this point was falling heavily). Once that mission was accomplished, I did finally get inside, ditched my coat, and made my own tea and took a break. I was so happy I had declined to go out for dinner with my family. (I just wanted a nap!) I took some heat from one of them for not going out with the family, but I made the right decision for me. Most days I just run out of energy in mid-afternoon. Sometimes my family just don’t get that.
There’s a little lull in the storm right now, but it’s due to pick up and carry on – more snow tonight and tomorrow. Weatherman is predicting 30cm of snow by the time it ends; also saying “biggest storm since 5 years ago.”

I’m holing up ’til it’s over. So glad I don’t have to go anywhere.

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