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wdpecker smallerToday’s break in the freezing temps has caused lots of bird activity here on the edge of the Don Valley. For the first noon time since the cold snap started several weeks ago, as I sat eating my lunch and looking out the window at the bird feeders, there was plenty of activity. The chickadees are always there at midday in winter, but today I was in for a treat. First there was one cardinal, then another, and another, and WAIT…one more! All were males in bright red plumage, and while one was at the feeder, the others were perched near by, waiting to get access to the suet cake. The feeders have been empty for some days. In spite of the fact that it’s raining this afternoon,  I am going to suit up in boots and warm coat and go out and refill everything. The whole point of this blog entry is that  for the first time ever, I had 4 male cardinals, apparently already in their breeding plumage, within my sight at the same time. Alas, I had no camera with me today at lunch, and by the time I got up with my iPhone (in hopes of getting something-anything!– on the phone) the 4 cardinals had flown off. *sniff* But for me it was an amazing sight- 4 flaming red cardinals at once. I could barely believe my eyes!

And here is what I did get a photo of this afternoon: mama woodpecker. She loves her some suet!

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<a href=”http://twitpic.com/bx4zrp&#8221; title=”PHOTOS: National Figure #Skating Championships http://bit.ly/&#8230; on Twitpic”><img>

It’s a treat to watch these guys skating. They are true champions: World and Olympic title holders as well as Canadian champions. I’m looking forward to the Worlds in March.

This is truly Blue Monday. Our very favourite staff member has been let go (she’s in total shock.) She was working on Thursday and Friday, and at that time had no clue that she would lose her job before Monday morning. No one on staff will tell us why she lost her job, and she herself has no idea why she was let go. I am broken-hearted. She was a true friend to Spike and me.

Blue Monday was cheered up a little by the visit of Seth with his exotic animals.

hornbill3.Jan:13 This is the hornbilll and boy does he have sharp claws. But he is very friendly. He flew onto my arm from his wooden perch (and I hadn’t even invited him!)

He rescued Blue Monday for me.

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Whatever you do, don’t buy a Hewlett Packard printer. I bought mine about 18 months ago (not sure of date now) and it has given me nothing but grief. It is now weeks since I have been able to print anything. Printer gives me error messages for things that have never happened (e.g “the carriage is jammed.”) It has a whole repertoire of false error messages. Grrr. Tonight I was trying to replace an ink cartridge (identical to the one I had to remove because it was empty.) The new one won’t even stay in its slot. Just falls out. The carriage has been moving on its own as tho some berserk elf is in there running it. When I turn the printer off, give it 20 seconds to forget everything, and turn it back on, it gives me a new error message! O wow- something else is wrong with it – NOT!  I’m ready to hurl this sucker out my 6th floor window, in hopes it will smash to pieces. Then I’d like to mail the pieces back to HP, just to annoy them. Wish I’d read the online comments from users before I bought this printer. If I had, I’d never have put my money down on this piece of junk. Did I mention that I went online and found scores of other users complaining about the same model?  Many of them had spent hours on the phone with HP techies, to no avail.

The good news is that today I bought an iPad mini. I’m in love with it already. Within an hour of getting it home, I had a buyer for my old (3 years old) iPad, purchased on Dec 31, 2009. Woo hoo! I’m so happy with my new Mini (such a gorgeous clear screen!) and the sale of the old iPad will help defray the cost of the Mini. And this Mini takes stellar photos. As you may know, it has a front-facing camera and a back-facing camera. They each produce beautiful clear photos, perfect for emailing or illustrating one’s blog. Stay tuned.

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