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It was the afternoon I have been waiting for: a little energy (me), slightly warmer air temperature, no wind, and afternoon sunshine, shining on my car.
I had to do it today: time to clear the snow off Pearl. I had not been out to my car in 3 weeks (at least), having been holed up in here, day after day.
I donned all my heavy winter gear: tights under jeans, 2 warm sweaters, 1 down coat (ankle length), 2 scarves, warm hat, gloves, and snow boots.
Hey, it’s Canada in winter here. Thus bundled up, I left Spike sleeping at home and I went out to the parking lot to liberate my Beetle, aka Pearl.
She was buried in snow (no surprise there) and I set to work.

It took me 45 minutes to get all the snow and ice brushed/scraped off.
In winter I always back into my parking space, just to be ready for days like this. The afternoon sun in the west melts residual snow/ice on Pearl’s windshield, and helps me get her cleared. Her tires are sort of frozen to the ground today. I was prepared for that, as my tablemate Joan had already told me hers were frozen too. I tried backing up a bit and that worked, so I did a little rocking. Did not leave the parking space, lol.
But at least Pearl is now cleaned off from the snow and ice deposited by the January storms. I’m expecting more storms/snow/ice before we see the last of February.
Can’t wait for spring!

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Get this: one day in the last week when we were in the deep freeze, I walked Spike outside for a pee break. Took my eyes off him for a moment and then I didn’t know if he’d actually peed or not. Took off my glove, and stuck my hand underneath his belly and checked for dribbles. They were there alright, and they had already frozen solid. He had yellow icicles stuck to his belly!
He wears his warm sweater in the cold weather, but his genital area is left uncovered of course. That was a first –  to find frozen urine sticking to him just seconds after he had peed. Obviously it froze as it streamed out. Wow. I’ve never seen that before in 11 winters of walking Spike. This unusual occurrence certainly tells the tale of our frigid winter, which has been feeling like it will never end.


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"Let it snow!"

“Let it snow!”

February 1, and it’s snowing – all day. Yesterday was a blessedly mild day, temperature sitting at about zero Celsius, and the roads were dry. I decided I’d better get out while the getting was good. Hadn’t driven the car for over 2 weeks. Thank God I had leased a new Beetle in the autumn. If the old car had been left sitting for over 2 weeks, she would have been dead in the parking lot. New car, aka Pearl 2, started instantly with no complaints. So I got myself to the supermarket and stocked up in preparation for the expected new blast of bad weather. Said weather arrived on time and the snow was well under way when I got up this a.m.

Our seniors’ residence is currently in ‘lockdown,’ which is just another way of management saying, “We’ve got a bug in this residence, and we are trying to control it.” Lockdown means that all activities which involve residents getting together (except for meals) have been cancelled. Lockdown also means no visitors, unless the front office makes an exception (and you’d better have a really good reason.)
Days are long and boring when it’s too cold and wet/snowy to go outside, and there are no activities going on inside. I’m guessing that the management has a good guess for when the bug will taper off, because they have called a general meeting of residents for Monday afternoon. We have no clue what they are going to announce. At least they are going to hold this meeting in the biggest main floor lounge. Last time they called a meeting like this (2 years ago), they held it in the basement Theatre Room, which only has one door. That was a horrible day: the speaker (the then Executive Director) had no microphone; therefore 90% of the attendees could not hear a word he said. Because everyone had to get down there by the elevators, that fact meant long waits to go up or down. But the worst was that the Theatre Room has only one door, and all the residents crowded in there with walkers and wheelchairs. (The Fire Marshal would have seen red!) Had anyone even whispered “fire!” there would have been a panic, and a disaster. At least this upcoming meeting will be held in the main floor lobby, which has numerous exits. I just hope there is a microphone.
….to be continued

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The Mid-winter Blues

As most of my readers know (that’s all 8 of you, heh) I am no longer living in my condo near the boardwalk in south-east Toronto. You have read already in this blog that I have had to move out of The Beach to a residence in the middle of the city. I like it here, but it sure isn’t The Beach.  I am comfortable in my rooms, but right now we are going through a very tough time. Almost 2 weeks ago a virus of some kind got loose in this residence, and within the first 24 hours after it started to make people sick, this residence went into “lock down” mode.

Visitors have been discouraged, and those who did come were required to visit in a resident’s room (as opposed to visiting with us in one of the lounges.) No guests have been able to take a meal with us. Every activity offered in this house has been suspended until further notice. So boring! The days are long, when our usual morning coffee and afternoon tea times are withdrawn as well as the programs. Those of us who did not get sick have really had the mid-winter blues. We are missing our activities and programs. For 2 weeks now, we have gathered together only to take meals and then have retreated to our rooms. It’s a lonely time. No one on the staff is able to tell us when the regular programs will be restored.

Today, there is a glimmer of hope. There is a new notice posted in the elevators this morning, announcing that there will be a Superbowl party on Sunday night, Feb. 5th. Assuming the recreation director goes ahead with this plan, I think there will be a great turnout for the Superbowl party (with the game to be shown on our big-screen TV in the Activity Room) just because it will be the first house activity in 2 weeks (and not forgetting that they are promising us refreshments!) While quite a few of us have no interest in the Superbowl, a party to celebrate same should be very popular. Bring on the game and the party!

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