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Last year, I stumbled into the website run by the Raptor Resource Project, and thereby found myself watching an eagles’ nest in Decorah, Iowa. Yes, this nest in the American midwest has a live camera up 80 feet in the air, watching and transmitting everything that is happening in the eagles’ nest. I was hooked from the moment I first started visiting the nest online, and I visited the site daily, right to the end of the eagles’ nesting season. Once the eaglets fledged, the birds flew away, and the website closed down for the remainder of the year.

Now it’s March 2012, and the eagles are nesting again. I am back to watching them as they are incubating their 3 eggs for the 2012 season. Thousands of people around the world are watching along with me. (There is an online head count under the live feed!) Many of the viewers are posting their comments in the chat room that is located beside the live camera feed from the nesting site.

I grabbed this screen shot 2 days ago – March 1st.
It gets very interesting once the eggs hatch.
Until then, the website is a great place to hang out and chat with other bird lovers. It’s also fun to learn a lot about eagles.¬† Would you like to check out the activities of the Decorah eagles for yourself?

Here’s a link to their website.


By common decision, the Decorah eagles have not been given human names. To us viewers they are just ‘mom’ and ‘dad.’ This pair has already raised a total of 8 offspring¬† in previous seasons on this nest.They seem to be on track now for another successful season of raising their young.
If you become a regular viewer, you will enjoy the companionship of a crowd of online viewers who are glad to share their knowledge. You will also find answers to your ‘eagle questions’ on the eagles’ home page (link is above) and you will join a gang of eagle/bird lovers who enjoy learning about nature. Start watching now to get the most enjoyment out of the hatching of the eggs–probably near the end of March.

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