Happy Thanksgiving!

Libby, October, 2014 - Version 2

Had a great Thanksgiving dinner here at the residence, and all my family attended. We were 6 at table. As usual, the festive turkey dinner was held at noon, and tonight we had a light supper of croissant sandwiches, followed by butter tarts, the Canadian favourite.

Diet? What diet? It’s Thanksgiving weekend!

Only a couple of days left in official summer! Earlier this week, the weather here was cold. I mean COLD for mid-September. On Monday and Tuesday there were residents sitting in the lounge wearing their coats. So management took the hint – a bit later in the week. (Mucking around with a 50-year-old heating system requires time, don’t you know?) So yesterday the heat came on in both buildings (which are joined together on the first floor and basement levels.) Tonight, my suite is a comfortable temp – about 68F. But the common areas on the main floor, where on Monday we were shivering, are now so hot that they are uncomfortable to occupy. The dining room was a sauna tonight. The next 2 days are predicted to be very warm. Of course, most of us had been getting ready to put away our summer clothes. Oops- not quite yet! I will be happy to see the cool weather settle in.

In other news, I have been wrestling with my iPhone, trying to get the new iOS8 installed. Having a hard time. Tonight I have been forced into searching the depths of the phone’s memory, and trashing old files, trying to make room for the new operating system, which requires a lot of GB. So far, no joy. More work and more trashing of files is required. I hate it that I am throwing out all these old files without actually looking at them to see if they should be saved. I just tell myself that if I haven’t looked at them for the last 2 years, then they are not high priority for saving. Out they go!

Speaking of iPhone, the sales of the new phone have gone through the roof. Here in the big city, a few people started standing in line on Monday, to be among the first to own the new phone. Did you see the picture of the lineup in NYC? If I read the news correctly, the lineup stretched out for 10 blocks at opening hour at the Apple store in NYC. I always feel sad that Steve Jobs did not live to see the amazing successes of his best-ever product. Anyone who did not get their hands on a new iPhone today, and had to reserve one for future delivery, will be waiting for it at least until the end of October. I also read that the sales of the new iPhone went through the roof in China, among other places. BTW, I am not a buyer of a new iPhone. I am happy with my current model, which I have had for 3 years, I think. It’s always with me.

Canadian flag

Canadian flag

Happy Canada Day!

Bob Lefsetz today, writing about Yahoo:

“I used to use your news page as my homepage, but now it’s filled with advertising, you’re winning, but I’m losing. But not for long. This is how you lose me.”

My sentiments exactly! As usual, Lefsetz gets it right.

Originally posted on National Post | News:

A heavy downpour was causing localized flooding and transportation problems in the Toronto area Wednesday evening.

A Toronto Hydro map shows that at least seven areas of the city lost power.

Police had closed part of the busy north-south Don Valley Parkway shortly after 10 p.m. due to flooding (between Bloor St. and the Gardiner Expressway).

There was no immediate word on when the highway might reopen.

The Toronto Transit Commission had earlier advised customers that trains were bypassing a subway station (Lawrence) due to flooding.

Shuttle buses were brought into service to move passengers around the affected station in the north end of the city.

The heavy rain had also flooded numerous underpasses and city streets.

In a special weather statement, Environment Canada had called for 30 to 40 millimetres of rain tapering off later in the evening.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries related to the…

View original 534 more words

Dear Yahoo,

I’ve been going steady with you for a long time. Maybe ten years? Not sure – maybe even more. But like an unfaithful partner, you have driven me away.  It’s the advertising that killed our relationship. There must have been a better way for you to monetize your product. But I just could not stand the clutter on the screen – advertising here, there, everywhere. Enough. I have transferred my affection to Google, and I think i might even enjoy this new relationship. I’ll miss you, Yahoo, because you were user-friendly and you met all my needs for surfing the net. I’m looking forward to my new relationship with Google. I hope it stays user-friendly and that I will enjoy using it. I wish you luck, Yahoo, but I think there will be plenty of users like me, who go looking for a better alternative. Bye bye!

It’s Earth Day.

Also, as long as I live, I will remember that today is my mother Madeline’s birthday. If still alive, she would be 104 years old today.

She was born on this day in 1910, in this house: 102 Oxford St., Halifax, NS. The house was completed and the family moved in, only 3 weeks before her birth. The house has a different street number now because Halifax re-numbered the street some years ago.

My Nana Jean (Dumaresq) Smith, her husband Nelson Baker Smith, and her growing family (Madeline was the first girl after 4 boys had been born) needed this big house, which had been designed by Sydney Dumaresq, Jean’s brother. His family architecture firm still exists in Halifax today, and the house still stands too. Cousin Debbie and I visited it during our 2007 trip to Halifax.

Happy Earth Day!



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